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W10777 Magnificent oval two-part bowl on stand, the bowl cut with scalloped sawtooth rim and mitre-fluted fans over strawberry diamonds, the centre cut with radiating mitre flutes and reserves of fine diamonds, the waisted stand cut with strawberry diamonds, fine diamonds and horizontal mitre flutes.  Circa 1820. 

Height: 9 inches. Width of bowl: 12¾ inches. 
Price: Sold.

W10404 Rare Georgian campana shaped 'master' salt with turnover rim cut with vertical mitre flutes over a band of tessellated horizontal mitre flutes, on square 'lemon squeezer' base with scalloped edge. Circa 1790.

Height: 4½ inches. Price: £250.00.

W9583 Good Georgian cream jug cut with scalloped rim over broad flutes. Notched and fluted handle. Circa 1830.

Height: 3¾ inches. Price: £195.00.

W10720 Superb Georgian covered preserve dish on stand, the bombé dish cut with mitre-fluted rim over horizontal prisms, alternating panels of diamonds and lenticles separated by vertical mitre flutes above basal horizontal step cutting, the domed cover cut with a band of diamonds over stepped rim cut with radiating mitre flutes surmounted by star-cut mushroom finial, on stand with stepped rim cut with radiating mitre flutes around central large star.  Circa 1820. 

Total height: 5½ inches.  Diameter of stand: 6¼ inches.
Price: £550.00.

W9502 Superb campana shaped dish cut in the 'Russian' pattern below scalloped rim. Knurled and ribbed silver handle. Dutch.
Circa 1910.

Height: 5¼ inches. Width: 8½ inches. Height ex handle: 4 ins.
Price: £295.00.

W1488 Fine Georgian pedestal bowl with turnover rim cut with mitre flute and diamonds, the bowl cut with tesselated horizontal mitre flutes, on stem with central compressed knop and domed foot cut with vertical mitre flutes. Circa 1820.

Height: 9 inches.  Diameter: 10½ inches. Price: £1450.00.

C105 Superb Victorian long scent bottle cut with pillar flutes and fine diamonds the silver cap repoussé with flowers and foliage. Hallmarked Lockwood Brothers, Sheffield, 1895.

Length: 13¼ inches. Price: £475.00.

W1495 Superb rare Georgian tall candlestick with nozzle cut with hollow diamond facets on facet-cut collar over stem cut with hollow diamond facets and domed and scalloped foot cut with large diamonds and chevrons. Original matching 'save-all' or drip pan with scalloped rim. Circa 1770.

Height: 13½ inches. Price: £2250.00.

W1622 Rare pair of Georgian plain baluster shaped footed jugs. Pincer worked handles. Circa 1750.

Length: 8¾ inches. Price: £875.00.

W10602 Fine Georgian pedestal cream jug with hollow fluted rim over a row of broad flutes, a band of diamonds an basal broad flutes, on star-cut pedestal foot. Circa 1820.

Height: 3 inches. Price: £225.00.

W1623 Fine Georgian Irish baluster shaped jug cut with a sinuous foliate band over a row of large oval foliate cartouches each enclosing a large star, on square pedestal foot. Plain handle. Cira 1780.

Height: 8¾ inches. Price: £375.00.

W10745 Rare Georgian double lipped double handled cream jug cut with scalloped lip over horizontal mitre flutes above basal broad flutes. Star-cut base and notched and fluted handles. Circa 1830.

Height 4½ inches. Price: £325.00.

C106 Beautiful Victorian scent bottle double cased with ruby over citrine over clear and cut with stars and hobnails. Hallmarked Horton & Allday, Chester, 1884.

Length: 5 inches.  Price £495.00. 

W1365 Rare Victorian opalescent jug enamelled with a rural scene of figures sitting beneath a tree. Marked RICHARDSON VITRIFIED. Richardsons, Stourbridge. Circa 1850.

Diameter: 7¾ inches. Price: £1850.00.

W10658 Superb Georgian baluster shaped cream jug cut with scalloped rim over over horizontal prisms and a row of elongated lenticles above vertical broad flutes, on star-cut foot. Notched handle. Circa 1830.

Height: 5⅝ inches. Price: £225.00.

W10652 Good Edwardian cream jug cut with notched rim over horizontal prisms and broad shoulder flutes above a broad band of diamonds. Star-cut base. Plain handle. Circa 1910.

Height: 4¼ inches. Price: £65.00.

C101 Superb Georgian beehive-shaped scent bottle cut all over with diamonds below notched rim. Base cut with radiating mitre flutes. Original matching mushroom stopper. Circa 1820.

Height: 5½ inches. £475.00.

W1499 Superb Georgian Irish oval pedestal bowl cut with tesselated horizontal mitre flutes below turnover rim cut with tesselated vetical mitre flutes, on bobbin-knopped stem and oval gadrooned 'lemon squeezer' base. Circa 1800.

Height: 9 inches. Width: 13 inches. Price: £2450.00.

W10758 Rare Georgian 'Nailsea' square tea caddy or canister with canted corners decorated all over with looped white trailing. Original matching hollow domed stopper. Circa 1800.

Height: 8¼ inches. Price: £425.00.

W10793 Fine Victorian punch ladle, the oval bowl cut with radiating petals with fine diamonds and a central multi-point star, the serpentine handle cut with strawberry diamonds and vertical mitre flutes and a scroll terminal cut with fine diamonds. Circa 1880.

Length: 10½ inches.

Price: £125.00.

W10794 Fine Victorian punch ladle, the bowl cut with a row of diagonal mitre flutes over a band of diamonds above basal radiating mitre flutes. Notched handle. Circa 1880.

Length: 8½ inches. Price: £120.00.

C107 Fine Georgian scent bottle with finely notched lip over spherical body cut all over with strawberry diamonds. Star-cut base. Original matching mushroom stopper. Circa 1820.

Height: 4 inches. Price: £275.00.

C108 Beautiful Edwardian scent bottle finely decorated in intaglio with spider's webs, flowers and foliage and navette shaped reserves of lattice. Star-cut base. Silver mount repoussé in the Art Nouveau style with flowers and foliage. Joseph Keller for Stevens & Williams, Stourbridge. Hallmarked
William Comyns & Sons, London 1901.

Height: 5¼ inches. Price: £475.00

C109 Fine Victorian scent bottle cut with broad flutes over angular body cut with triangular reserves of fine diamonds, swirling notched double prisms and navette shaped reserves of cross-cut diamonds over basal triangular reserves of fine diamonds. Star-cut base. Original matching hollow blown stopper. Probably Thomas Webb & Sons, Stourbridge. Circa 1890.

Height: 5½ inches. Price: £195.00

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