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Below are a few examples from our extensive stock of decanters. If you are interested in any of the pieces shown, or would like to enquire about other items in our stock, please contact us.

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W9282 Superb Georgian club shaped decanter cut with hollow diamond facets and broad flutes over oval lenticles and large slice-cut fans and diamonds. Spire stopper. Circa 1765.

Height: 12 inches.  Price: £795.00.

W9633 Superb Georgian claret jug cut with four facet-cut neck rings over broad shoulder flutes above basal vertical hollow comb flutes. Plain handle. Star-cut mushroom stopper. Probably Cork, Ireland. Circa 1810.

Height: 10 inches. Price: Sold.

W9658 Lovely Georgian tapered decanter with three blade neck rings over cut stars, urns and swags. Cut disc stopper. Circa 1790.

Height: 11 inches. Price: £425.00.

W9521 Lovely Georgian Irish barrel shaped decanter engraved all over with fruiting vines below three feathered neck rings and above basal moulded flutes. Moulded fluted target stopper. Probably Cork, Ireland. Circa 1800.

Height: 10¾ inches. Price: £495.00.

W1423 Good Georgian Irish decanter with three plain neck rings over cut broad shoulder flutes, panels of lenticles and diamond-cut quadrants, panels of diamonds bordered with vertical bands of diamonds, above broad flutes and mitre flutes. matching mushroom stopper cut with diamonds. Probably Cork, Ireland. Circa 1820.

Height: 12½ inches. Price: £350.00.

W9729 Magnificent Georgian wine helmet shaped ewer cut with scalloped rim over vertical broad flutes cut across with horizontal prisms above a broad band of diamonds and basal broad flutes, on circular star-cut pedestal foot. Circa 1820.

Height: 12½ inches. Price: Sold.

W8654 Superb Art Deco silver-mounted rectagular spirit decanter cut all over with tessellated oval flutes. Original matching spire stopper. French. Circa 1930.

Height: 10¼ inches.  Price: £495.00.

W8565 Rare American large 'rock crystal' style decanter with fluted bombé neck decorated in intaglio with gooseberry leaves over body decorated with gooseberies and foliage. Original matching hollow blown spire stopper. Stamped with the factory mark for H. P. Sinclaire, Corning, New York. Circa 1910.

Height: 14½ inches. Price: £1950.00.

W9828 Beautiful Victorian wine ewer with ribbed lip and handle, the neck engraved with foliate festoons and stars, the ovoid body mounted on the shoulder with shells and engraved all round with a water scene depicting fishes (possibly trout) swimming among bulrushes, on foot engraved with a row of spots.
Circa 1870.

Height: 9¼ inches. Price: £475.00.

W9680 Fine pair of Georgian plain barrel shaped decanters with three plain neck rings. Target stoppers. Circa 1800.

Height: 10¼ inches. Price: Sold.

W1377 Lovely Edwardian footed claret jug cut with hollow diamond facetys and broad flutes over finely engraved Royal coat-of-arms. 'Teared' handle and star-cut foot. Original matching hollow blown stopper. Circa 1910.

Height 10¾ inches. Price: £450.00.

W1402 Rare Georgian mallet shaped decanter engraved with a label inscribed 'PORT' suspended by a an engraved chain above fruiting vine. Original lozenge stopper inscribed with 'P' (for port). Circa 1770.

Height: 11½ inches. Price: £1950.00.

W1354 Fine pair of Georigan barrel shaped decanters with three plain neck rings and cut with broad flutes and prisms over a band of diamonds and basal vertical mitre flutes. Original matching hollow blown ball stoppers. Circa 1820.

Height: 10¾ inches. Price: £850.00.

W9708 Lovely Georgian Irish barrel shaped decanter with three milled neck rings over an engraved band of zigzags and stars. Original moulded fluted target stopper. Circa 1800.

Height: 11 inches. Price: £450.00.

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