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W1478 Rare Georgian ice or champagne decanter with three blade neck rings over plain body with large ice pocket. Lozenge stopper. Probably Irish. Circa 1800.

Height: 13 inches.  Price: £2650.00.

W1582 Rare Georgian ship's decanter with three blade neck rings, the body cut with a band of tesselated horizontally fluted scales over a row of large outlined cross-cut diamonds above basal vertical hollow comb flutes. Cut disc stopper. Irish. Circa 1800.

Height: 10¼ inches.  Price: £1095.00.

W10520 Fine Georgian tapered decanter engraved with bows, spotted and emblazoned swags and stars. Lozenge stopper. Circa 1800.

Height: 12 inches. Price: £425.00.

W10888 Fine pair of Georgian plain barrel shaped decanters with three blade neck rings. Lozenge stoppers. Circa 1810.

Height: 11½ inches. Price: £875.00.

W10820 Fine Georgian barrel shaped decanter with three annulated neck rings over broad shoulder flutes cut across with a horozontal band of mitre flutes above a broader band of triple mitre flutes and basal vertical broad flutes cut en suite. Star-cut mushroom stopper. Circa 1820.

Height: 10 inches. Price: £285.00.

W10873 Beautiful Victorian footed decanter, the neck finely engraved with scrollwork and key pattern between two spotted bands over the 'dagger' pattern, the ovoid body engraved with stylised anthemion and scrollwork over a band of stars and ovals above the 'dagger' pattern. Original matching hollow blown ovoid stopper. James Powell & Sons, Whitefriars, London. Ex Paul Kettle Collection. Circa 1860.

Height: 13½ inches. Price: £325.00.

W10878 Magnificent Georgian helmet shaped ewer cut with saw tooth rim and horizontal prisms over arcaded reserves of strawberry diamonds above a horizontal band of diamonds and basal horizontal prisms, on pedestal foot cut with radiating mitre flutes. Notched handle cut with interlocking mitre flutes. Circa 1820.

Height: 11 inches. Price: £995.00.

W10661 Rare Georgian barrel shaped magnum-sized decanter, the neck cut with vertical flutes between three plain neck rings over broad shoulder flutes and a horizontal prism above a band of diamonds, two horizontal prisms and basal fine vertical hollow comb flutes. Star-cut mushroom stopper. Capacity: 2 x 75cl bottles. Provenance: Corn Hall, Bures, Suffolk. Circa 1820.

Height: 11½ inches. Price: £875.00.

W10870 Rare Art Nouveau pale green decanter with club shaped body and terraced shoulder. Original matching hollow blown disc stopper. Designed by Sir T. G. Jackson for James Powell & Sons, Whitefriars, London.
Circa 1890.

Height: 11 ins. Price: £495.00.

W10361 Superb gourd shaped decanter decorated in intaglio with fruiting vines over large basal plume pillars, on foot cut with fans. Original matching hollow blown gourd shaped stopper. Circa 1920.

Height: 14¼ inches.  Price: £425.00. 

C102 Superb Art deco decanter with ovoid body cut in the 'Ellesmere' pattern with stylised ferns and foliage, on foot cut with radiating mitre flutes. Original fluted spire stopper. Stuart and Sons, Stourbridge. Circa 1930.

Height: 11½ inches. Price: £225.00.

W10798 Fine Victorian footed shaft and globe decanter cut with vertical broad flutes above finely engraved floral sprays and pendants, stars and spotted swags. Star-cut foot. Original hollow blown fluted stopper. Circa 1900.

Height: 12¾ inches. Price: £225.00.

W10716 Fine Georgian decanter, the neck cut with broad flutes between three facet-cut collars, the body cut with broad shoulder flutes over a band of diamonds above diamond-edged panels containing diamond-edged arcaded reserves each enclosing an emblazoned band of diamonds. Cut disc stopper. Probably Cork, Ireland. Circa 1790.

Height: 11 inches. Price: £425.00.

W10693 Fine Georgian tapered decanter cut with broad flutes over engraved rosettes and foliate swags and pendants suspended from rosettes and bows above basal vertical narrow comb flutes. Notched lozenge stopper. Circa 1780.

Height : 12 inches. Price: £495.00.

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