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Below are a few examples of our extensive stock of wine glasses. If you are interested in any of the pieces shown, or would like to enquire about other items in our stock, please contact us.

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W1398 Rare Georgian wine glass with round funnel bowl enamelled with a pyramidal obelisk surmounted by a finial in a country landscape, on incised twist stem. William Beilby, Newcastle. Circa 1760.

Height: 4¾ inches. Price: £5250.00.

W9455 Magnificent set of six goblets each differently decorated in intaglio with flowers, foliage, grasses and fruiting vines, on inverted baluster stems and star-cut feet. (Two shown). Stevens and Williams, Stourbridge. Circa 1930.

Height: 8¼ inches. Price: £975.00.

W9469 Beautiful pair of Art Nouveau champagne glasses or coupes in the 'Meteor' pattern with pale olive green bowls with everted rims on slender amber inverted baluster stems and feet. Moser, Austria. Circa 1900.

Height: 6 inches. Price: £310.00.

W9629 Fine Georgian coin rummer with bucket shaped bowl cut with a row of diagonal flammiform blazes over basal broad flutes, on plain stem with central hollow ball knop containing a George III silver sixpence dated 1817. Circa 1820.

Height: 6½ inches. Price: Sold.

W8914 Superb Georgian large goblet with plain funnel bowl on drawn plain stem and folded foot. Circa 1740.

Height: 7¾ inches. Price: £850.00.

W1393 Rare pair of Georgian 'true' ale flutes with bell bowls engraved with two pairs of crossed barley ears, on multispiral airtwist stems with shoulder knop and domed feet. Circa 1750.

Height: 7¾ inches. Price: £2750.00.

W9192 Beautiful Victorian goblet finely engraved with a scrolled and spotted band over foliate festoons above basal foliate band, on spreading folded foot engraved en suite. Circa 1870.

Height: 6½ inches. Price: £210.00.

W9183 Good Georgian tumbler cut with fans and broad flutes over basal moulded vertical pillar flutes. 'Lemon squeezer' base. Circa 1820.

Height: 3½ inches.  Price: £145.00.

W7998 Lovely Georgian wine glass with round funnel bowl engraved with a hatched and festooned border with pendants over sprays of foliage, on opaque twist stem with spiral lace twist over corkscrew. Circa 1760.

Height: 6¼ inches. Price: £695.00.

W9625 Beauiful grey glass rummer cut with a band of waisted panels of fine diamonds over basal broad flutes, on fluted spreading stem and octagonal foot. Probably Orrefors, Sweden. Circa 1920.

Height 5½ inches. Price: £185.00.

DB10 Rare Georgian baluster dram glass with round funnel bowl with basal tear on teared stem with inverted baluster knop and basal flattened knop on folded foot. Circa 1720.

Height: 4 inches. Price: £2400.00.

W1382 Very rare Georgian 'political' ale flute with round funnel bowl inscribed 'WILKES AND LIBERTY' above a dove escaping from a cage and also 'No. 45' on the reverse, on opaque twist stem with multi-thread corkscrew. Circa 1763.

Height: 8 inches. Price: £4250.00.

John Wilkes (1725-1797) was a famous radical politician, Member of Parliament and Fellow of the Royal Society. He also issued a weekly publication called The North Briton, a satire on the newspaper, The Briton, published by the Prime Minister, the Scottish Earl of Bute and an ironical reference to Scotland. At the end of the Seven Years' War in 1763, he along with many others opposed what they considered to be over-generous peace terms granted to the defeated enemy, France, in the Treaty of Paris. When the young King George III made a speech praising the Treaty, Wilkes, in issue number 45 of The North Briton, attacked the speech which he recognised as having been written by Bute. The King, feeling personally insulted, was encouraged to issue general warrants (warrants in which the name of the accused is not specified) for the arrest of Wilkes and 48 others on a charge of seditious libel. At the trial, the Lord Chief Justice ruled that as an MP Wilkes was protected by Parliamentary privilege from arrest on a charge of libel. Crowds chanted "Wilkes, Liberty and the Number 45".
W9185 Fine pair of Georgian tumblers cut with fans, lenticles and broad flutes. Circa 1810.

Height: 3½ inches. Price: Sold.

W1394 Fine Georgian wine glass with bell shaped bowl cut with zigzags and lenticles, on centre knopped stem cut with small hexagonal facets and scalloped foot cut en suite with the bowl. Circa 1770.

Height: 6 inches. Price: £495.00.

W9428 Rare Georgian wine glass with plain bucket bowl on composite mercury twist stem with central beaded knop. Circa 1750.

Height: 6¼ inches. Price: Sold.

W9494 Good pair of Georgian rummers with plain ovoid bowls, on capstan stems. Circa 1820.

Height: 5 inches. Price: £295.00.

W9586 Fine Georgian blue mug with waisted bowl and pincer-worked handle. Circa 1780.

Height: 3¾ inches. Price: £245.00.

W9405 Fine pair of Victorian goblets with cup shaped bowls engraved with a band of key pattern over basal oval lenticles, on fluted baluster stems and star-cut feet. Circa 1880.

Height: 5¾ inches. Price: £210.00.

W9415 Fine Georgian rummer with bucket shaped bowl engraved with foliate border, on straight stem. Circa 1820.

Height: 5½ inches. Price: £135.00.

W1415 Superb Georgian goblet with ovoid bowl decorated with large cross-cut diamonds, on stem cut with hollow diamond facets and scalloped foot cut with an 8-pointed star. Circa 1770.

Height: 6½ inches. Price: £695.00.

W9578 Unusual Georgian with plain conical bowl on annulated collar and blade knopped stem. Possibly Newry, Ireland. Circa 1820.

Height: 5¼ inches. Price: £135.00.

W9391 Beautiful pair of Edwardian goblets with conical bowls finely etched with oval medalions containing a female classical figure surrounded by foliage, scrollwork and pendant flowers, on plain drawn stems. Circa 1910.

Height: 7¼ inches. Price: £275.00.

W1420 Rare Georgian 'coaching' rummer with ovoid bowl finely engraved with the London to Portsmouth stagecoach, trees and the London and Portsmouth signpost, on capstan stem. Circa 1820.

Height: 5¼ inches.  Price: Sold.

W1330 Rare Georgian ale flute with ogee bowl decorated in wash enamel with hops and barley, on opaque twist stem with two spiral corkscrews over two spiral tapes. Circa 1760.

Height: 7½ inches. Price: £3250.00.

W9431 Rare Georgian wine glass with ogee bowl with basal moulded fluting, on opalescent opaque twist stem with two spiral threads over multithread corkscrew. Circa 1760.

Height: 5¾ inches. Price: £725.00.

W9277 Good Georgian rummer with ovoid bowl decorated with basal 'petal' moulded flutes, on drawn stem.

Height: 4¼ inches. Price: £92.00.

W9462 Beautiful pair of Georgian rummer with cup shaped bowls cut with a band of strawberry diamonds over basal broad flutes, on blade knopped stems. Circa 1820.

Height: 5 inches. Price: £345.00.

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